A cab driver (who escaped enslavement on the underground railroad). The owner of a Jewish appetizing store (who quit being an engineer to join the family business). Some guy on Snapchat (who turned it into a career).

Behind every working human,
there’s a story.

Work in Progress is Slack’s new podcast about the meaning and identity we find in work. Join host Dan Misener for stories of personal ambition and debilitating insecurities, great successes and abject failures, the plans we make and the luck that...happens.

Every weekend, you can listen to a new Work in Progress episode on Sirius XM. Episodes are available the following Mondays on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and through apps like Stitcher.

What’s Slack, you say?

Glad you asked! Slack makes an app that helps teams at companies, big and small, communicate and do their work in a more transparent and productive manner. We’re a global company working seamlessly across our offices around the world, and it’s our goal to help others do the same.

Why did we make this podcast?

In short: Because we make software for working people, we’re genuinely fascinated by work, how work is changing, and how the nature of how we think about ourselves as working people is also changing. What you do for a living means a lot—to yourself, and to others. This podcast, along with the stories produced by the Slack Editorial team for our blog, explores this very theme. Our hunch—and hope—is listeners and readers will relate to a lot of these stories, and find them useful and interesting when reflecting on their own life’s work. Read the long answer here.

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